Prayer for November 18, 2022

There are times, Calming God, when so many things are happening and on our minds that our brains seem to be unable to fully sleep. Either through a myriad of dreams, or waking up every few hours with more to contemplate those times are challenging and often are when a variety of great thoughts are bouncing around. Help us during those times to find rest, and to release those anxieties for a little while. May we find ways to step back and see the world and the realities we face without the distraction of everything else and meet each of them for what they are rather than becoming stuck because together they overwhelm us. Give us the insight to know which are immediate and which are beyond our control or can wait. Let us see the path before us and know which direction to follow when we need to make decisions. All this we ask in the name of the God who journeys along side us and loves us unconditionally. Amen

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