Prayer for November 19, 2022

In this month of Thanksgiving, O God of All Creation, there are so many things for which to be grateful. May we take the time to appreciate all you have given us, especially those whom you have given us as family, both natural and chosen. Let us take the time to remember the people whom we miss, those who cannot be and those who are no longer with us. May we celebrate them in the stories we pass on the next generation and those who did not know them personally. May we feel the love that permeates the season and fall back on that love when we find ourselves in times of anxiety and stress. Especially in those times where we want so much for everything to be special and some hiccup comes along. May we find ways to release those anxieties and enjoy the wonder of each day you give us. May we be so grateful of what you have given us that we cannot help but give to others with that same passion. Amen.

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