Prayer for November 13, 2022

There are too many people, Compassionate God, who will not be celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends this year due to gun violence that could have been prevented. Help us to find ways to give the mental health care needs to those who are so sick that perpetuating those acts seems their only option. May we also finally change the access that we have given to firearms whose only purpose is to kill rapidly. Let us stand and remind all who call themselves people of faith that “Thall Shall Not Kill” was pretty clear, and that there is no loving act that happens when someone shoots another child of God. If we are truly pro-life and consider all life sacred then we need to prove it by our actions. May you comfort the families who are crushed and maimed by gun violence and help us to find ways to protect the innocent. May all the ways in which we experience you, O God, form us into the loving people to which you call us. Amen

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