Prayer for December 13, 2022

O God our Creator

            May we celebrate the sunrise

            Relish in the sounds of the new day

            Enjoy the scents we encounter

            Feel the warmth of the sun on our faces

            Encounter all the world has to offer

O God our Redeemer

            May we be comforted by your forgiveness

            Relish in the freedom that brings

            Enjoy the power to forgive others

            Feel the gift of grace

            Encounter the wonder of atonement

O God our Sanctifier

            May we be strengthened by your Spirit

            Relish in using our talents fully

            Enjoy the epiphanies we encounter

            Feel the joy that comes from stepping out in faith

            Encounter others along the road and share your love

Let us know you fully this and every day.  Amen

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