Prayer for December 15, 2022

May we work together to support those in need, especially in this time when so many are suffering.  We ask that we continue to look for ways to provide for the homeless through shelter and medical and mental health care.  May we be giving of our time, talent and treasure to programs that help the least of these our brothers and sisters.  Help them to find the aid that is already available.  May we encourage our leaders to build upon the programs that exist and look for new ways to support pathways that lead people to better places and success.  Help those who find themselves where they are due to addiction to get the help they need to fight the addiction and become more healthy.  Bless the ministries of those who work in these areas of support and let us voice our support for them when challenged by those who do not seem to care for the needy.  Help us to remember our call to serve each other now and always.  Amen

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