January 16, 2023 prayer 2

I am struck, O God, by how much we as humanity repeat the sins of our past, and don’t seem to be able to sustain some of the important advancements we have made in racial and social justice. Dr King laments in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, that we continue to be separated from God and one another. Our separating ourselves with our unjust laws and actions seem to go through cycles and we need more powerful voices and actions if our world is not going to be taken back once again into the sin of separation from you O God that is the continuing story of the human existence. We continue to let hatred, bigotry and injustice wear the false cloak of following God and let people stand up and say that God would want it this way. Help us to change O God. May we let this generation be the one that builds upon the foundation of the great people, like Dr Martin Luther King, to create a better more just world. May you guide us this and everyday. Amen

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