Prayer for February 21, 2023

May we live our lives, Loving God, as if it counts. May we treat every day as if what we are doing makes a difference to someone else. Let our attempts to do what is right always be measured not on whether we succeed, but rather on whether we made those attempts because we want to make the world a better place. Let us look to the saints of the past and those who are walking among us to see the value of a life well-loved. If we are lucky enough to achieve the pinnacle of what we intend in our lives, help us to see that what we do following those moments often exceed that somewhat short-lived achievement, and we do even more than we can ask or imagine when we attempt to do your will. All this we ask in your most Holy Name and in remembrance of the great cloud of witnesses who have given us an example that we may follow. Amen.

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