Prayer for January 15, 2021

O Lord our God be with us this day.  Help us to live in the moment today.  Let us take the opportunities you provide us to act in loving ways.  Help us not to be distracted from what needs to happen now by the memories of things past or worries of what is ahead of us.  Instead let us be acutely aware of the time we get to spend with those around us. Allow us to be fully present to those around us and treat them as beloved children of God.  Help us to see the beauty of the day, may we go out of our way to make people’s day, may we choose an attitude that shows our desire to love one another as you love us.  May we find time to play and find joy, knowing that you want our joy to be complete.   Let this day be one where evil finds no purchase and is met with the overpowering love that you offer us.  All this I ask in your name.  Amen

One thought on “Prayer for January 15, 2021

  1. Enjoying these daily prayers, Grant. Won’t comment often but wanted you to know Michael and I appreciate the heart and soul effort you put into writing.


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