January 16, 2021

Loving God, Help me to be grateful for all you provide.  I know that all of us carry burdens that are at times overwhelming.  It is sometimes hard for us to see the many wonderful things that happen around us because we are so distracted by the things that break us down.  Help us to latch onto those things that feed us and build us up. May we see the incredible good that happens every day and find those burdens a little lighter knowing that wonderful things are happening.  Let us find strength to meet our challenges and know that we are not alone.  Help us to find seeds of hope that grow within us so that any challenge we meet, and burden we carry is one that we feel your presence.  Give us the ability to release those things for which we have no control so that we can be active in those things for which control is ours.  Again help us to be thankful for all the many gifts you give and see them when they are before us.  Amen.

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