Prayer for January 29, 2021

Caring God, there are so many who are dealing with loss right now.  Too many of our family and friends are hurting.  Please bring them the support and love they need as they grieve.  Help those that care for them have the words and actions they need so that they can mourn those losses and find ways to celebrate the lives of their family and friends who have died from COVID and all other illnesses.  Help us as we continue to fight this disease and all the additional complications and challenge that come with that battle.  May we be diligent in doing what it takes to limit the spread of the disease.  Give all those who are working to comfort and cure those who are ill.  Keep them safe.  May we look for ways to help all those in need and set aside our differences when it comes to the eradication of COVID and its many strains.  Help us to love and comfort one another and give us the words we need to lift our neighbors up as they struggle.  All this we ask in your most Holy Name. Amen

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