Prayer for January 30, 2021

Ever present God, may we find time this day to find rest.  Give us the benefit of what a nap and escape have to offer. May we do something for ourselves that helps us to release some of the anxiety and fear around us, and set down the many burdens we are carrying.  While we know that we will take them right back up again, may we have, or take, that little bit of respite from them.  Give us enough release for us to be ready to take them up with renewed energy. If we are to release them all together help us to use that time away to recognize that it is time to let them go, or ask for help.  May we be ready when we are called upon to help others with their load and be given the strength of character to respond affirmatively to that call.  Help us to know your presence this day, and every day.  All this we ask the name of a God that heals and renews us.  Amen.

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