Prayer for January 31, 2021

O God who gives us mentors, we are grateful for the many people you have put in our lives to guide us at the right times at the best time for them to be there for us.  They have been our teachers when we were young and our coaches who helped us become stronger and to deal with learning the lessons of winning and losing.  The intimidating professors and teachers who we found only wanted us to find the passions for the subjects they love, and the guides that helped us find our way when all seemed beyond our abilities have all helped us become the people we are today.  May we become the mentors to the generation that is before us.  Help us to build upon the foundation we have been given to make the young people we are blessed to be with to make an even better world than we have been fortunate to experience.  Help us to become what you would have us be O Lord . Amen.

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