Prayer for. February 16, 2021

Shrove- (past tense of the word shrive)- to confess, be penitent and absolved

Carnival- from the Latin Carne Levare meaning to “remove meat” which became Carne Vale “farewell to meat”

Forgiving God, as we prepare for the beginning of Lent, help us to fully confess those things which have kept us from being who you would have us be, to work hard to repair those things that are broken in our lives and to live in the glory what it means to be absolved of the sins that have weighed us down.  May tomorrow be the beginning of a new day where we say farewell to those things that have separated us from our call to love one another and use this season to continue to be introspective of what you are calling us to be to the world around us.  May we begin Lent with the sense of a new direction and opportunity to find mission and purpose in our lives.  All this we ask in the name of a God who forgives, heals and renews.  Amen.

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