Prayer for February 24, 2021

O Lord God, Creator of the universe, help us this day to look around.  May we be see the beauty that is before us. May all the myriad colors that paint this day be vibrant and fill us with wonder.   Let us hear laughter and all the sounds that will sing the song of this day.  May it be filled with harmonies that bring us joy.  Allow us to enjoy the scents of this day.  May it be filled with smells like fresh bread, puppy breath and an enticing meal.  Allow us to be in the position to share this day with those we love.  May we do our best to make this day incredible for those who we are blessed to be with and may we attempt to make their day filled with joy and wonder.  May we respond to those in need in a way that not only lifts them up but attempts to make this day special for them. All this we ask in your Glorious Name.  Amen.

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