Prayer for February 25, 2021

O God who guides us, thank you for the gift of mentors and heroes.  There have been so many people who have been the right person at the right time to help us to be become better than we imagined.  From the early caregivers, who somehow knew how to make us comfortable the first time we were away from our parents, to the patient teachers who helped us learn to write, we were blessed by gifted people.  Thank you for those who held in laughter as we mispronounced or misused words as we began to learn to communicate. When we began to become almost adults, we were fortunate to have adults beyond our parents who helped us become comfortable with all the changes that were going on in our lives.  As we look back at the teachers, coaches, friend’s parents and many others who helped form us, we are grateful.  May we become that to this generation of young people.  Help us to become for them what we were fortunate enough to experience from those who formed us.  May we help them to become the incredible people we know them capable.  Let us be examples of the love and compassion that this world needs now and must be a part of the formation of the next generation.  All this we ask in your name.  Amen.

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