Prayer for March 13, 2021

Ever-present God, help us to see you this day.  May we see you in the beauty of the sunrise with its glorious colors.  May we hear you in the sounds of the day, from the ones we humans make to the sounds of creation that play in a glorious symphony that somehow is written anew each day.  In the scents of spring in the air that seem to make us ready to dream of what is possible, and remember days gone by.  May we taste the wonders of your creation that come with this time of year that also make us anticipate what is to come as the spring flowers become the fruits of summer. Lastly, let us feel the textures of this day, from the petting of a beloved pet to the hug we give our children. May we live fully into all the ways that you are present in our lives and show our love to those we are with this day.  All this we ask in your Name.  Amen.

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