Prayer for March 14, 2021

O God who saves us when we most need it, may we become more aware of the times when we are meant to respond to the moment.  Help us to have the faith to reach out in our times of discomfort to those you have put in our path.  May we see, love and be fully present to them as we spend the time we have with them today.  Let us release all the other distractions that might hinder us from being who they need us to be today. Can we become comfortable enough with ourselves to be vulnerable when that is what is most needed as we redevelop community with those around us.  Let us not be distracted by those things that are designed to make us miss the more important interactions with those before us and instead see those distractions as temptations that are meant to keep us from a more full relationship with you our Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier.  Amen.  

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