Prayer for March 27, 2021

O Lord our God, we are about to begin what, for Christians, is the holiest week of the year.  Be with those who are going to experience all of the services that make Holy Week special.  May those who have not experienced the beauty of the liturgies during this week take the opportunity to move from Palm Sunday and not skip simply to the next Sunday. Instead, allow them to see the beauty of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and all that this week has to offer.  May those of us for whom Easter means so much live into what it means to forgive and be forgiven.  May we feel all of the emotions that are available to us during this week.  Celebration, loss, fear, redemption, joy and wonder all become images of this next week as we move from the idea of a King to instead someone who would lay down his life for us and rise again to provide us the gift of true love.  May we live into this Holy Week.  Amen.

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