Prayer for March 31, 2021

O Lord our God, we are so often bombarded with the enormity of the commitments we have made and living up to the expectations we have set for ourselves.  Help us to be focused on what is important in our daily lives. May we not over-commit ourselves and ,when we do, be humble enough to ask for help.  Let us hand off those things for which we may be passionate, but not able to give them the honor we deem them worthy.  Give us the strength of character to say “no” when we really cannot take on another task.  Let us recognize when we need to focus on tasks we have been avoiding and complete them.  May we prioritize what is truly important in our lives and give those the priority they sometimes don’t get.  Help us to listen to you as we attempt to do your will in our daily lives.  Allow us to release the encumbrances that hinder us from running the race you have set before us and empower us to use that release to do greater things than we can ask or imagine.  All this we ask in your empowering name. Amen.

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