Prayer for June 30, 2021

O God who reminds us that we are meant to be in relationship with one another, thank you for giving us our families.  We have the family we are born with and they help form us to be ready for the additional family members that we choose and they, in turn form us to be ready for the family that we then create that will tell our story to future generations.  May we be aware of the incredible gift we have of being with these very important people and treat that gift with the honor and respect it deserves.  Allow us the welcoming spirit to invite others into our families who journey with us in such a way that we and they know they are family.  Give us the full range of emotions when we think about these new brothers, sister, mothers, fathers and grandparents that we may never have known if we weren’t open to the adoption to which you have called us.  Let us be family with all we meet.. Amen.

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