Prayer for October 15, 2021

O God of all Creation, help us this day to treat each moment as the gift it is.  May we see the beauty of the world around us and cherish the enormity of all that is around us.  Help us to see the depth of things that we take for granted.  May we be more aware of all the many gifts we have been given and be grateful.  Let us take the time this day to celebrate the things we often walk past in our haste to get to the next thing on our calendar.  Give us an awareness of the world around us so that we can better serve those whom we encounter this day and everyday.  May we treat them as the beloved children of God that they and we are.  Allow us to be the blessing you would have us be to a broken and needy world.  Amen.

One thought on “Prayer for October 15, 2021

  1. Thank you for these daily prayers. I am struggling right now & so many of these prayers have helped me through the day. I have saved many of them to re-read. Please know what a huge impact you are making on so many people, especially me. Each prayer is a beautiful gift.


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