Prayer about the Latest School Shooting

Yesterday, we once again found ourselves hearing the news of another school shooting. This one hits close to home in that one of my old friend’s children were at the school. He and his children lost friends, and the shooter was a child he had coached when he was younger. Please be with those whose lives have been attacked by gun violence. May we find a way to make the truly needed changes in our culture so that these events become a thing of history. Let us work hard to deal with the mental illnesses that are a part of the underlying reasons that many of these things happen. May we stand up and demand that we make people responsible for the actions they take with weapons, whether it is by demanding training, security of weapons in the home, or not reporting when we see the signs that often are visible prior to these shootings. Help us to stand up to bullying which is often present. Be with the families of the victims, shooter and all who are affected by this shooting and help them feel your presence. Let us again look for ways for your love and peace to reign over these violent times. All this we ask in your most Holy Name. Amen

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