Prayer for March 8, 2022

I worked at a law firm while in college, and met an attorney, named Roy Ketz who was not known for his jurisprudence, but his true love for his neighbor.  He would know all that was happening in the world of the courthouse and have cards for attorneys to sign to let them know that they were loved and not alone.  He would grab us hopeful lawyers who were working as clerks to the law firms and tell us stories.  My favorite was what he said about the way to a lifelong marriage. Tell your wife you love her at the beginning and end of everyday and as many times as you can in between.


Thank you God for the people who you put before us who we don’t realize how important they will be to our formation than we can imagine. Help us to use their example to make our own journey form others who we have no idea we are influencing. Give us the passion to live our lives loving as you would have us love and guide the people you have set upon our path. Strengthen them by the passion we have for them to succeed. Bless us now and always. Amen.

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