Prayer for April 7, 2022

Today Loving God, we celebrate the first of three graduations happening in our family (the twins and Mead Hall) this month. We are thankful for the gift that our children have been to us and today is Abby’s day. We appreciate all the people who have been a part of bringing her to this day. Those who were with her from the beginning, her grandparents, aunts and uncles, godparents have been lucky to see such an incredible young woman. The teachers and coaches who helped form her and get her ready to begin her first full time job as a teacher and coach helped make her the leader she has become. Her first and best friend (her twin sister Audrey) and all the friends she has made along the way has let her know she will never be alone. Be with her and all the graduates of Berry College today as they begin their new lives and bless them in all their endeavors. Amen.

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