Prayer for May 8, 2022

Today we celebrate our Mothers, O God of all Creation. Give patience and wisdom to new mothers as they deal with the wonder, joy and anxiety that comes with that time. May the mothers of toddlers and elementary aged children relish in the way that their children grow in knowledge and experience. As the mothers of preteens and teenagers watch their children grow into adulthood, help them to create the sage place for them to stretch their wing so that when they are ready they may fly to the heights we imagine they can attain. We remember also this day those mothers who are no longer with us, the aunts, godmothers, sisters and others who have stood in as mothers in our lives when we needed them. We also ask your comfort O Loving God, for those who have lost children, or have been unable to have children and for whom this day is challenging. May your spirit fill them with your love. May we as children honor all who mothered us. It is in your name we pray. Amen

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