Prayer for May 26, 2022

It is the dawn of another day after a school shooting and we are still thinking and praying, O God. May now finally be the time where we say that enough is enough and make true changes that will protect innocent lives. We have said this before, and yet somehow we need to become a more powerful voice in the wilderness. We say we hold life sacred, and in so many ways are very protective of the most vulnerable among us, but we seem to be blind about gun safety and mental health when it comes to those same children who we say should be protected at all costs. May our eyes be opened to the hypocrisy we seem to allow when we talk about right and wrong. Let us hold ourselves and others accountable who think that prayers and thoughts are enough and tell them it is no longer acceptable to simply think and pray and now it is time for them to act. We know that there are times when you call on us to respond to evil in the world and many are too timid to act, this is the time where we need you to empower us to change the narrative of hate and violence. May your love empower us to make this change O God. Amen.

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