Prayer for December 6, 2022

There are always days before, O God. Days like this day when we had a certain innocence, a time when we were unawares of what was coming. Help us to remember the day before major events in our society and lives, and let us be able to recognize that evil does exist but love is stronger. May we know that those moments are just that, and that we have so many more incredible moments than those that are filled with the hurt that we remember on those next days. Give us an awareness of the wonderful good that happens so much more often than the true evil that happens far less often but scars us so deeply. Let us live in the love of the day after that seems to come on the day following those days of intense evil and attempt to become once again who you would have us become when we respond in love rather than the hate that often wants to win on those horrible days. All this we ask in your most holy name. Amen

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