Prayer for April 12, 2023

Thank you God, for the people who take in those in need. Whether it be the people who work with the hungry, those temporarily in emergencies, the homeless, or even those that take in stray animals; welcoming the stranger in our midst takes a certain person. That gift of hospitality and openness is one that those who are called to that type of ministry is rare. Strengthen them when they become frustrated by systems that are often not designed to help or heal those in their care. Let them know that the unthankful work they do changes lives and shows an unconditional love that cannot be taken away from those for whom they care. It gives them experiences and memories of better times that help them through the challenges they will face throughout their lives. Empower both those who are caring and those for whom they care to show the love for one another that they hope will infect the world. All this we ask in the name of the God who would adopt us all. Amen

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